to the IWR Planning Suite Decision Support Software Site. This site provides this site to supply news and information related to IWR Planning Suite and to provide access to the IWR Planning Suite download site. Developed in partnership with the Social Sciences Institute of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, IWR Planning Suite was initially designed to assist with the formulation and comparison of alternative plans for ecosystem restoration and watershed planning studies. However, the program can be applied to planning studies addressing a wide variety of problems.

Briefly, IWR Planning Suite assists with plan formulation by combining user-defined solutions to planning problems and calculating the effects of each combination, or "plan."  The program can assist with plan comparison by conducting cost effectiveness and incremental cost analyses, identifying the plans which are best financial investments and displaying the effects of each on a range of decision variables.  For a more detailed explanation of IWR Planning Suite's capabilities, click on the General Info button of the navigation chart above.

Download and installation instructions are provided by clicking on the Software Info button of the navigation bar above. 

IWR Planning Suite is free to the public. We encourage its use and welcome user feedback. Future software enhancements and capabilities are scheduled. As these modifications are completed and tested, they will be incorporated into new versions of the software and made available from the download site. New versions will be announced on the News Board. Check the News Board regularly for information about future IWR Planning Suite updates.

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